Manufacturing Marketing World 2019

Manufacturing Marketing World | Jamestown, NY


Join area manufacturers in Jamestown, NY on October 17, 2019, for a full-day of learning! From online lead generation and trade show marketing to intellectual property online, you’re sure to walk away with actionable tips and knowledge.

MMW19 is being held at Chautauqua Suites. Chautauqua Suites will be providing refreshments and lunch for all attendees.


Jamestown, NY – Oct 17, 2019


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Lead Generation with Content Based Inbound Marketing

We hear it from manufacturers all the time, especially from those in niche industries: “Why should I even bother with digital content production and website optimization? No one cares about my business or industry anyway.”

The truth? Your prospects are online, searching for your products and services. When you develop content on your website and digital assets that answers their questions and soothes their pain points, you drive leads into your pipeline.

This session will teach you how to generate leads online with tried and true inbound marketing philosophies and tactics, as well as show examples of real-life manufacturing companies utilizing these tactics and generating leads.


How to Humanize the Sales Process

As a manufacturer, you’d probably consider yourself a B2B company…which is probably accurate. You likely sell parts, products, and services to other businesses. That being said, every sale you make probably has at least two people involved…the seller and the buyer. Yet, often times the manufacturing sales process tends to be cold, dry, and lacking personalization.

This session will give you some ideas to help you add more of a human element to your sales process while at the same time keeping it as efficient as possible. Here are a few of the topics we’re going to cover…

  • How to better understand your buyer’s objectives and better align your sales message
  • How to leverage technology to personalize sales message in the same amount of time as a generic message
  • Ways to leverage buyer behavior to engage at the right time, with the right message
  • Learn how to outshine your competitors by incorporating video into sales

This session is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill set and is relevant to owners, executives, and sales people/teams.


Break and refreshments


How to Stand Out at a Trade Show

Trade shows are one of the biggest marketing investments manufacturers make. But show after show, manufacturers choose to fit in rather than stand out. Cutting through the noise before, during, and after your trade show, is key to driving ROI.

In this session, I’ll cover:

  • How to use digital marketing before, during, and after your show to drive more booth traffic, conversations, and leads.
  • I’ll share some ideas for making your booth an attraction, so you’re not just adding to the noise, and
  • We’ll look at how to keep leads hot after the show.

As a Bonus – You’ll walk away with a FREE, actionable trade show marketing guide, and a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card!

Get registered for Manufacturing Marketing World 2019, and we’ll see you in October!


HubSpot & Other Software/Tools for Sales & Marketing Teams

Your company has a message and the ways it’s transmitted have never been as robust as they are now. In the digital age, computer software is sales’ and marketing’s middle man. This session will demonstrate some online tools and services to make you more productive. Find out how software amplifies your marketing and streamlines your sales workflow.


Best Practices for Lead Generation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just another social network and it’s certainly more than a living resume. When used properly, LinkedIn can be leveraged to enhance the credibility of both you and your organization. No matter the size of your team, LinkedIn can be used to maximize your overall marketing, sales, recruitment, and training strategy.

In this session, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of LinkedIn and how we can take advantage of this powerful platform for lead generation. What and how often should I post? Who should I connect with? How do I prospect without being a creeper? What does success look like? Can I actually measure all of this, and why should I? What about advertising, isn’t it expensive? Can I actually generate leads? Is this worth the time? Where do I start? Get answers and pro tips for each of these questions and more in this fully stocked session!


How Manufacturers Use Blogging to Increase Website Traffic

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human. So, how do they get their information pre-sale? From blog posts.
Many of your B2B and manufacturing competitors are behind the times — why not be the first to satisfy your potential customer base with that insider knowledge? You’ll be top of mind and seen as a thought leader when it’s finally time for those prospects to buy.

This session by Adam Vosler of protocol 80, Inc. will answer:

  • Why would I blog for business?
  • What kinds of stuff should I write about?
  • How can I reach the proper audience?
Break and refreshments

How Blogging and Inbound Helped Falconer Electronics

Session details to come.


Inbound Marketing from Dahlstrom Roll Form’s CEO’s Perspective

Session details to come.


Manufacturers and IP: Trademarks, Copyright, Social, and Advertising

Session details to come.

Closing remarks